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A Few Words from Alpine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We spent a few quiet days in Alpine.

It was as we were driving out of town

that Austin Mayor, Steve Adler, went on the radio

to say that SXSW and all activities were indefinitely suspended.

It was an eerie feeling considering that the festival is one of the most

common threads of our music scene and community.

So we drove out of town listening to the press conference and talking

about how we were going to spend a few days off the grid writing songs, journaling and taking photographs.

And that's how it goes when you're in the high desert of West Texas and listening

to silence when there are no other sounds to be heard.

Megan picked up a Birds of Texas book and spent most of time on hour hikes

identifying the birds in the trees.

I let the tune set its course in my mind while we walked.

We came home with several pictures and one new song called, Marfa Lights.

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